ON AUGUST 13, 1993 AT 2:07 PM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  So many pray to Me at different times asking favors, asking for My attention for their needs.  I hear the prayers, and many times I am permitted to help in the manner of the request, but if the prayers are not answered in the exact manner they are presented, I assure you there is always a favor given, a Blessing bestowed, because of the Faith that was shown at the time of the request.

I have a purpose in telling you this, and that is, so many times pleas, requests, sometimes almost a command comes This Way.  If you receive an answer, or it is answered in a way different than you expect, My request is for you to say ‘Thank You,’ because it is always The Father Who is involved with every prayer that is said in the human way.

You like to hear someone say ‘Thank you’ for your favor, your time, your gift, or whatever is evident that they received.  This should also apply to prayers, because for every prayer spoken, The Father is the receiver of it; do not forget this.  Sometimes We hear, ‘I prayed so hard for this or that, I guess No One hears my need, my request.’ Not so.  Every word you speak, every act you do or make, is recorded within your Soul, so be assured that there are no mistakes.

It is important that mankind become aware of more than the human way, but to learn about That Part of The Father that walks with all human beings, from the moment of conception until It is separated at a specific time, in a specific way, because the Soul then stands alone, responsible for all things that occurred while It was present in the human form.  So be it.”

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