ON AUGUST 4, 1994 AT 12:37 PM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  I am standing very close to this child that All of Us Here speak to and through.

The Father has designed This Miracle to give mankind Special Graces to be able to fight the diabolical interruptions that are prevalent throughout the world.

Man fights an enemy he can see but he ignores the enemy he cannot see, but I add to this:  this type of enemy is far more treacherous to man in many areas of life.

Many children of all ages pray for specific favors, needs, and/or things they desire to have.  We All hear these prayers, but I add to this:  remember to pray for the strength to fight evil in your life, and in the lives of all other people throughout the world.

There is great physical and Spiritual devastation due to the laxness in moral obligations, but I say it can be turned around through, first the knowledge of its presence, then the results that are being shown in so many sinful, impure, immoral acceptances by so many people.

I speak often through this little one and I do not always mention My Name.  Many Others Here do it the same way, because you see, when a Name is attached to what she hears, it emphasizes more responsibility to her.  We All love her and know the magnitude of these Tasks she is faced with.  So be it.”

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