ON APRIL 13, 1995 AT 2:50 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.  We smile at the child’s description of Our Presence.  This Gift of Divine Love that has been given in such a Personal Form, in such a Special Way, has allowed mankind to better understand, more fully understand the Closeness of The Saints to man.  Our Presence is permitted by The Father.  Our reason for dictating These Words to be read is a Blessing beyond human understanding.

All that We are allowed to speak about is important, because of the Precious Gift of The Father’s Love to mankind, namely, ‘the Soul’.  We are present every place throughout the world.  This Miracle is One of a Kind, designed to encourage, instruct all of mankind, in the importance of becoming ‘a Saint’.

In the time that Each of Us lived upon the earth, We were from different eras of time; Some, from a very long time ago, and Some, closer to the time you can associate with.  This Miracle was given at this time to help thousands or millions of Souls to become ‘Saints’.  So much Instruction constructively given, cannot be ignored, because in the most simple Wording, there is Direction for all races, all personalities, all creeds.

Mankind must understand that Sainthood is a Precious Goal.  The Father, in His Design of human life, created it for more than for a short existence.  That is why He placed within each conception of human life, a Portion of Himself, called ‘a Soul’.

Mankind has an expression in reference to another human life.  The expression is acceptable when they say, ‘That’s a good soul,’ or ‘That’s a poor soul.’ They are referring to the human manner or attitude of the individual.

So much has been handed to mankind in these later years.  It is sad to see any rejection of Its Value.  It is happiness to Us when We see acceptance without question.  The next time you are approached by someone who says, ‘There is no need for a Miracle such as This; we have Scripture, we have past History that tells us all we need to know,’ be kind, be gentle, but I warn you, be firm in your statements so as to not weaken and ignore yourself, What is so Evident in This Gift of Divine Love that emphasizes the Importance of the Soul of every living human being.

Prayer is important.  There is no question regarding this.  Along with prayer, Faith is important, because Faith in what the Soul is, is a confirmation that gives Hope, Life and Goal to the Purpose, the Reason for which man was created.  So be it.”

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