ON MAY 10, 1995 AT 2:05 PM


“Some will say to you, ‘What makes you think Heaven would speak to you and not the rest of us?’ I, Saint Anthony of Padua say, ‘Words of Sound Spiritual Direction would be automatically understood to be coming from a Source that cared about the individual or individuals.’

There are so many false stories told about the time The Son of God walked the earth, mostly describing Him as speaking softly in an Instructive Manner.  Does not logic say Sound Instruction, constructively spoken, would have signs and sounds of strength, and would not all be spoken or heard in a monotone manner?

In this year in which you all live, The Father has designed This Miracle to express and to impress all of mankind, all ages of mankind, to better understand the Purpose of human life, and all that was instilled in it because of the Purpose for which it was created.

True, in historical accounts, there were many stages of different types of life before the accountable time of mankind.  Sometimes so much emphasis is stressed on prehistoric ways, prehistoric life, prehistoric times.  You must concentrate now on the time in which you exist and what a Treasure it is because of the Knowledge, the Love, the Instruction that has put such an emphasis on the Importance of human life.

Mankind is a Special Creation of The Father’s.  It has a Specific Goal for which it was created.  A dinosaur does not have a Soul, but the dinosaur had a place in the story of the world, in the History of the world.

Human life has a logical purpose, a Supreme Purpose in its Goal.  Mankind says, ‘I must earn a living so I can support my physical needs.’ How many human beings walk the earth and say, ‘I must use this physical life for the Purpose The Father intended, the privilege of using my mind, my talents, my abilities, for my Soul to return to Heaven’?

There is so much Purpose to human life and so much Love in its Creation.  Never doubt that as you are the custodian of a Soul, this Soul was given to you from Heaven.  There are so many outside this place upon the earth who cannot or who refuse to accept this Statement of Fact, of Value, of Truth, because it is inconceivable to them to believe such a Statement.

Ask yourself if you have ever felt sadness.  Ask yourself, have you ever felt extreme happiness?  Now ask yourself, have you ever felt doubt in your decision or decisions, because inwardly there was a feeling of immorality, indecency, impurity?  This very thing should make you think, ‘There has to be a Portion of me that responds beyond what mankind would call human normalcy.’

So many times Words of Instruction, Caution, Love, have passed through This Miracle because of the Importance of human life.  This is a Gift of Divine Love and you must remember It as such.  So be it.”

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