ON AUGUST 17, 1995 AT 1:10 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.  It is a privilege to speak through This Gift of The Father’s that is so full of Instruction to mankind, not just encouraging mankind to adopt a better manner of living, but to practice sound moral values and sound moral standards.  It is a sadness to All of Us Here when We see so little obedience to The Father’s Commandments, so little respect The Father’s Way, in prayer, in time, in actions.

Many times when The Father addresses One of Us to speak through This Miracle of His Divine Love, there is a joy in Us and from All Others around Us, because of the importance of mankind to better understand the Beauty of Sainthood.  We value the time as Saints, because it is The Father’s Will for all of mankind to return to Him in the Form He chose to be:  a Saint for All Eternity.

Mankind is alert to a battlefield, two sides:  one right, one wrong; a battle, that if right wins it is for the good of all, if wrong is the victor, the enemy of God and man will have a happiness beyond what man knows happiness to be.  The Souls of mankind are a Portion of The Father, and the enemy is after This Part of man because of his hate, jealousy of The Father.  When a battle rages on the earth, and there is a right side and there is a wrong side, there is great happiness when what is right, what is just, what is good, wins the battle and enjoys the glory that is attached to it.

If mankind can but just see the happiness Here in the Heavens, or even imagine it when a Soul returns to The Father.  It is beyond anything mankind can experience.  It has Beauty beyond any beauty mankind is acquainted with.  A Soul is more than mankind can comprehend; a Soul has a Brightness, a Glow.  When a child does something that brings happiness to his or her parents, love automatically shows, happiness radiates, and it is a moment of glory for all involved.  This is but a small fraction of what it is like Here in The Heavens when a Soul returns to The Father.

Mankind misses so much when he or she looks at human life on the downward side, never looking at what the individual child’s Soul is all about, the Importance of It, and the Magnificence of from Where It came, and to Where It must return.  It is sad to say parents are not instructed properly, and most of them tend to place so much humanism in the parental role, and the role of the family.

This Miracle has instructed mankind in so many beautiful goals, so many beautiful areas of what the future can hold for each one that belongs to them, and all the others they know.  This Miracle of The Holy Spirit of God is a Miracle of Total Instruction, deliberately given to help mankind fully understand the tremendous Value of human life, and the Ultimate Goal it has.

Whenever Any of Us Saints speak, We instinctively want to go on and on and on, because as We know so personally the Beauty of Heaven, We want all of The Father’s Souls to return Here for All Eternity.  So be it.”

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