ON AUGUST 31, 1995 AT 11:37 AM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  This Miracle of The Father’s Love for mankind is a Gift to mankind beyond any gift man could receive or give to anyone else, because The Father, in His Love for mankind, allows and directs Us to speak openly, Directions, Instructions, so that mankind knows immediately what is right, what is good, what is sound, for the Important Place for the Souls of all of mankind to return to.

Mankind speaks only of human flesh, human ideas, abilities, personal efforts to accomplish things.  Mankind has been given a Gift beyond all human imagination.  This Gift is a Portion of The Father at the moment of conception.  There has never been a Miracle to mankind as This One is in your time.  There has been so much Direction, explaining the Importance of human life, the Goal that it was created for.  It is natural for man to strive for success, it is important for man to understand that success in the eyes of mankind has its place in the life, or lives of mankind, but how many living in this day can say that they will be in Heaven as soon as the human life no longer exists, it is taken away?

Mankind many times thrives on goals, and when he or she fails at one, their human nature looks for another one, because it gives energy to life, purpose, hope.  This was instilled in mankind by The Father, this desire to reach a goal.  Now, This Miracle that has been so deliberately explained in teaching to mankind that the Goal of life should be Sainthood, what more could man ask, and why would any human being ignore striving in daily life to want to reach the Goal that is promised for practicing sound moral values, sound moral standards, because these things will guarantee man Sainthood?  There are so many sinful actions, thoughts, words acceptable, because they are referred to as the nature of mankind.  This is nothing but an excuse, because man knows better.

Children are not being instructed fully on what human life was created for.  There is so little direction in any place where children go, even in what is called ‘the House of God’.  There is more humanism, more emphasis on man, man’s abilities, man’s thinking, man’s importance, than there is on God.  There is very, very, very little instruction on that Precious Gift within mankind, the Soul.  It is not just because it is not able to be seen.  It is because humanism depends on only humanistic values, humanistic attention, humanistic goals.

There are so many diabolical practices that are not seen as diabolical, but only recognized as human behavior.  Many times We see such desecration to the Soul of an individual, that We ask The Father, ‘What can We do?’ He says, with a sadness that human life cannot know, ‘I have given mankind a free will and mankind depends upon that free will, because it allows mankind to make decisions in everyday living.’

So much has been delivered, and We see so many resisting the act of reading All We have given.  It is a sadness to Us, but as I speak to you on this day, I have a Message for each one here, and all who will read My Words:  All that has been written through This Miracle must be passed throughout the world for mankind to read, to learn from, so that mankind can use his or her will to make the decision, that what they have read is for the good of their own Soul.  The Father decided that to hand to mankind Direction in writing, was the best way to speak to mankind, in a manner that man would understand, could absorb, and would follow.  So be it.”

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