ON SEPTEMBER 21, 1995 AT 1:40 PM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  I have not spoken openly for some time, but there are many times, when there appears to be silence, I am speaking to the child.  We always smile when she repeats Our Words to others, as though she is in conversation normal to the human way of life.

When We All hear prayers addressed to Us individually, it brings a happiness that would be difficult for you to understand, because The Father allows prayers to be answered through Many Here according to His Plan.

Small children must begin to learn more about Sainthood, through learning about Saints, for there are Many, Many, Many Saints Here.  True, Some are not publicly known, but They are ready to serve, ready to help in every way The Father Wills.  Also, children are not being instructed on the importance of small prayers during the day, secretly made between themselves, The Father, The Beloved Mother, Saint Joseph, or One of Us.

Sometimes a child has never been taught about the full, true existence of Sainthood.  In the later years, it has become more a forgotten practice, rather than a practice of having Someone to be able to speak to silently, Someone they cannot see, but the Faith in Their being present and hearing is important to all ages, and people in all manner of living.  Children should be taught that prayers need not be spoken openly, loudly, or dramatically.  They should be taught that a silent prayer, asking for help, asking for some hope on some issue, is immediately heard through the Soul that they have, since the moment of their conception.

Think of it this way:  When a baby cries and the mother and/or father are in another room, the baby’s cry is not always loud enough to be heard, but suddenly there is a need for one or the other of the parents, or those in charge, to feel the necessity of checking on the little one, or little ones.  The Soul is many times That Portion of God that alerts the need for action or reaction.

Much Love goes with My Message to you today, and needless to say, much hope that more children will be taught about Sainthood, the Beauty of It, the Importance of It, the Closeness of It, the Truth.  So be it.”

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