ON SEPTEMBER 27, 1995 AT 11:20 AM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  When We are permitted, requested, to deliver Words through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit of The Father, We immediately respond, because Our Words are to help mankind be totally aware of that Precious Gift from The Divine, the Soul within each human life that is different than any other part of human life, because it is a Portion of The Father, called ‘the Soul’.

Through time there have been many interpretations, misconceptions, on what the Soul consisted of, and/or exactly what It truly was.  Through This Miracle, so much detail, so much Love, has given mankind a pure, logical definition of this Important Portion of human life that is beyond anything else that is in mankind’s human body.  It is difficult for many to accept, because of an in-depth practice of thinking of the Soul as something humanistic in essence.

Mankind is a Special Creation, and in this Creation, The Father has given so many valuable means for mankind to live the human life, totally different than animal or plant life.  Mankind has intelligence, and the ability to use this intelligence in many ways, to many degrees.  Mankind has sensitivity, and in this sensitivity the ability to understand what is moral, what is immoral; also, to comprehend that there has to be a Higher Being than what human life is.

Mankind has been given the sense of touch, able to use this in many ways.  The sense of touch alerts mankind to all types of things that are available, so numerous in number.  Mankind has the ability to taste, to smell, to see.  Mankind has the ability to use every one of these things to make human life happier, more interesting.

Mankind has the ability to walk, and in this ability there is a freedom of movement, a freedom that when this is disturbed by an illness, it can be devastating to an individual, because there are so many things that are available to man through this Gift of movement, that in many ways can be closely associated to the mental abilities of mankind, and to the physical.

It is sad when We hear mankind doubt in any degree, that with all that The Father has given, The Father would not give mankind Something as Great as the Soul.  Now, when man thinks of a Soul, his or her Soul, it should automatically be connected to Something beyond and above what mankind uses in everyday life.  Mankind should look at this extravagant Gift of Love that no child is not born with, because This Portion of life has a Goal beyond all other goals, a Love beyond what mankind can truly understand love to be.  Human life is special in so many ways, and that is why the enemy of God and man does everything to destroy the Soul, because the Soul will be the Living Factor when the physical life ends.

Children of all ages should understand The Father’s Love for mankind is above and beyond any love they can compare love to be.  It is above all human love, and when it is spoken in a way and a manner, and a degree that will impress the child that God loves him or her, and This Love never fails them, never will fail them, but they must remember that it is important for them to see in His Love, a Dignity, a Respect, and that these things are important in everyday living.

The world has been Blessed in many ways by This Miracle that has instructed so extensively on the Importance of the Gift of life, and the Soul that is within it.  The whole world must receive What has been given, because this is not being instructed on, in the manner it is through This Miracle, and many Souls are being victimized by humanism, because of the heresies that are being accepted as normal to human life, as acceptable in all phases of man’s existence.

Needless to say, mankind must once again be instructed on The Commandments in Their fullest measure, not in Their abbreviated form, because in Their conciseness, Their in-depth meaning of instruction is not being seen.  This must change.  So be it.”

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