ON JANUARY 29, 1996 AT 12:56 PM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  The world must be informed of This Great Gift of The Father’s that bears the Name of ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.

For so long down through time, mankind was not aware of the Full Meaning of What The Beloved Saint Joseph was a Part of, or His Full Title, until ‘this time’ in which It has been spoken openly for the whole world to know.  Mankind must understand that He is The Holy Spirit of The Father, and in a certain manner of becoming ‘man’ in the eyes of the world, He was placed as The Foster Father of The Son of God.  The Greatness, the complete Description of All This that occurred, has in many ways been closed to mankind, because of mankind’s innate inability to understand The Divine.

We hear mankind say, ‘The Father of The Child Jesus was called “Joseph”.’ That is true.  We hear mankind say, ‘The Mother of The Child Jesus is Our Heavenly Mother, Our Blessed Mother, The Mother of God.’ The Magnitude of These Words should immediately make mankind see that Saint Joseph could not be of ordinary means.  Since This Miracle of The Father’s Divine Love has openly spoke out on many Issues that mankind was not aware of, so many things have become more understandable, if mankind would but see the logic in Them, the importance in Them, the reality that has to be.

The Father chose a small voice, a small body, a child, to hand to the world This Great Revelation, plus other Great Revelations that no man, woman or child could humanly conceive to make up with the human mind.

The world has been Blessed by This Miracle.  Mankind has been given insight to how much Love The Father has for mankind, putting all things in their proper place, the proper way, and the logical reasoning behind it all.  This Gift of Instruction, of deliberate Direction, giving strength to the foundation to mankind’s understanding of the Power of Creation, in every way, on every thing, and showing what Great Love The Father has in creating human life, by putting a Portion of Himself within it, giving human life Great Purpose and an Ultimate Goal.

We All talk through this little one, and she must repeat What she is told to say.  Every moment of the day Someone from Where I am speaks, many times without announcing Their Name.  The world must be able to read What has been delivered, because This Miracle of The Father’s Love for mankind is for every human being living now, and who will be born and live hereafter.  This Statement is a Directive of Great Importance, because This Miracle must not be kept where you are.  You must understand it thusly:  You have been chosen to perform the task that The Father knew you would uphold to the final purpose for which This Miracle was given to the world.  So be it.”

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