ON FEBRUARY 9, 1996 AT 12:23 PM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.

Mankind fears the threat of a war, the threat of devastation to life, to places, to man’s daily living.

In many places the world is in chaos.  There are many who cause this, deliberately blaming others for it.  There are many issues being decided, and those who are deciding these issues are ignorant of the full concept of what is occurring, and what the issues are fully involved in, with.  The world, though it speaks of approaching things in an orderly manner, it is not evident in many areas because of the egotism of those who want attention, acclaim.

The Father has handed to the world Personal Instruction on the Importance of human life, the responsibilities of human life, and What He Himself has placed into each individual created by Him.  We see individuals read the Words that have passed through This Gift of The Father’s Love, and We see them ignore the Value of the Words, the Truth in the Words, the Direction in which These Words lead men, women and children into moral values, moral standards.

We hear mankind in some areas say, ‘I have the power of decision, I am my own person, I have rights.’ We rarely hear them say, if ever, ‘I could make a wrong move here, and destroy human life and the Spiritual life that is within each one I come in contact.’

I know that some who will read My Name attached to What I have just spoken, would not fit Me into a pattern of this discussion, because many times in learning about different Saints, it is human to attach only a particular thought, idea, association to the Saint.

All of Us Here in the Heavens work hand in hand at The Father’s Command, through This Miracle of His Divine Love, to give to mankind Sound Values, Sound Standards, Sound Directions, because of the Importance of human life, and that Precious Gift within each human life, the Soul.

We use a small voice but an obedient voice, but We also use the strength that is innate, to deliver to mankind sometimes forcefully, sometimes quietly, sometimes casually, sometimes intimately, the necessary Words to awaken in the other person, or persons, Sound Facts and how things are to be looked at rationally, intentionally, deliberately, practically.

Mankind has heard about the Soul, but mankind many times ignores what a Great Gift of Divine Love the Soul is, thus allowing their own thinking, even though it is not stable, totally moral, to make decisions that they know are not what they have been told would be the best decision for the benefit of their Soul.

There are Many of Us Here at this time, because the voice that We use, the obedience We use, is in many ways not strong enough, because of so much Responsibility with Every Word, Every Action, Every Association, to be able to speak for a great length of time.

I end what I have said by saying that the world has been Blessed in many ways, and This Miracle of The Father’s Love must be seen for ‘the obedience’ that is present when We speak at all times.  So be it.”

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