ON FEBRUARY 12, 1996 AT 10:55 AM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  We oftentimes smile when We hear this little one speak about the circumstances that mankind is involved in, in your day, and We always smile at the humor that is injected to take the in-depth seriousness in a lighter way.

We hear some men, women, and even children openly describe how they have found God.  The sudden realization of His True Existence is evident to them because of some action that took place, some active encouragement, a hope that grew into a reality.  When We hear someone say a prayer because they have lost something of a material nature, We hear the prayer, and many times the prayer is obviously answered.  The one prayer that We rarely hear is a request that a Soul will not be lost because of impurities that become constant in a daily way of life.

Most men, women and children do not see sin as a means of lost purity, so it is important at this time that human life, no matter what age, what vocation, what degree of education is involved, should learn to say:

‘I’m sorry, God, for offending You today.  I know that what I did was impure in many ways, and that it marred my Soul, because my Soul was the victim of what I did.’

Mankind must understand that The Father’s Commandments were given in great detail, instructing down to the minutest detail what each Commandment meant.  The First Commandment was originally much lengthier than how you learned it to be.  The beloved Moses was instructed indepthly as to the full meaning.  It was not just ‘I Am The Lord Thy God; Thou Shalt Not Have strange gods Before Me.’

Mankind becomes so obsessed with humanistic values, pleasures, indulgences, that the flesh supersedes any sound reasoning that there is a Soul as the recipient of all actions, all thoughts, all deeds, all words, all motives, all concluding results of everything an individual acts on, for, with, and how.

We hear a child say to their parents or to an individual, ‘I lost something,’ and the child names the item, the article, or it can even refer to a friend.  Knowing the sadness of the child, very often little is asked as to circumstances, what caused the loss.  Mankind many times refuses to believe that human life has an innate Gift, that when this Gift is nourished, this Gift supersedes any human understanding, even any human ability to correct, to aid in solving something that is missing.

This Miracle The Father has given is a Miracle that supersedes all human instruction, because it is handing to mankind clearly, deliberately, the Importance of human life, the Importance of the Soul that is in each human life, and the Importance of the Life that mankind can look forward to because of the Soul.

It has been said before, ‘Mankind is an Ultimate Design with an Ultimate Purpose,’ and that is why The Father gave to mankind such lengthy Rules to live by, but mankind sees only The Rules in a concise manner, and must demand that These Rules be more clearly stated, defining every point that The Father covered when He delivered These Rules to a single man, for the whole world at that time, and all times to come.

Just as The Father uses a voice to dictate what He Wills mankind to know, the written Words must never be ignored, because They are for the whole world.  Each time One of Us speaks, it is a Blessing to the world of mankind, a Blessing of Instruction, giving to mankind a closeness to The Divine that openly speaks of the closeness that man is to God, through the Portion of Him that is placed at the moment of conception.

Let These Words ring out throughout the world.  Mankind, within his or her being, has a Portion of The Father that never leaves the individual until The Father decides the time to be.  This Portion is, of course, the Soul.  So be it.”

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