ON MARCH 27, 1996 AT 11:38 AM


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.

We see so much sadness in so many places throughout the world, sadness created by many things, personal disagreements, a lack of understanding on many issues.  We see so much commercialism, even on religion.

Everyone should ask himself or herself: ‘What does religion mean to me?  What part does it play in my life?  Do I use it properly?  Do I recognize it as my only closeness to God?  Do I understand what prayer means?  Do I see the importance of what God’s Commandments are to my daily living?  Do I ever think of Them as The Rules to live by, or do I just remember Them as having learned Them?  Do I regard personal prayer as beneficial to how I think, what I do, how I practice my moral views?  Do I criticize others when I see them pray, judging the manner in which they pray?  Do I ever think of how close I am united with God, or do I only connect what I have learned about God to how I should practice loving Him?’

There are a million questions that mankind could conjure up regarding his or her personal attitude, acceptance, understanding, in connection to their individual manner of what prayer means to them personally, and what power the prayer has in helping their decisions on moral issues, mental issues, physical issues.

Mankind seeks a religion that is comfortable.  Some find a religion that restrains them in many areas, gives them a superior form of understanding.  Others find that freedom of decision, based on sound understanding of why mankind was created, and the necessity for moral values, moral standards, is a strength beyond what anything else can be to them.

The world is in great turmoil morally, physically, spiritually.  There are so many excuses for every fact of human life.  We see so many searching for positive direction that will give them the answers that will be beneficial to how they think, how they feel, how they act.  We hear those who think of prayer in a manner that one would term ‘high winds on the ocean’, difficult to control, dangerous, because of its lack of protection.

As each human being faces each day, each one faces it with a different point of view, even though many could be headed to the same place, speak the same language, and have been instructed in the same format of personal, physical and moral behavior.  A multiple of different decisions occur.  It is always amazing to two or more people when the same thought registers openly at the same time.

Now just imagine the whole world of mankind reading at one time, All that The Father has instructed to be given.  Though What is given is beneficial to the mind, the body, and the Soul, the different interpretations would be beyond what anyone could even phantomize, because The Father, in creating mankind, gave to mankind a will, a nature, a personality, and the ability to discern according to individual abilities.  It is sad that mankind does not thank God for all that He has given to make human life not just a great experience, but the freedom of the will to make personal decisions.

Sainthood is available for all Souls.  This Miracle The Father has given to the world has openly spoken many times on the opportunity that mankind has, as individuals, and that is to aim in all areas of life, to return to God his or her Soul as ‘a Saint’.  It is not impossible.  It is more possible than man understands it to be, because logic says purity of mind, body and Soul comes from the decision of every individual born to the world.  So be it.”

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