ON SEPTEMBER 13, 1996 AT 12:29 PM


“I am Saint Anthony.  So many times it is a treasure of communication to Me and with Me, when a child of any age has the confidence in Me to help them on a situation, in some condition that calls for strength, hope, correcting something, finding something.

Mankind must understand that there are Hundreds, Thousands of Us available to them with the slightest request, in a moment’s notice, because We are aware of all things that are occurring, all needs of every human life, all degrees of Faith, in every individual.  No prayer is said that is not heard.  No request is ignored.

Mankind throughout the world sometimes forgets to say a prayer, because what has happened, or what they fear, takes precedence at that time, and it is important that mankind know that We are always Here.  Granted, every prayer is not answered immediately, and there is always a reason behind how a prayer is answered, but men, women and children must understand that prayer is a form of communication that is different than the communication between men, women and children; also, different between the different languages throughout the world.  No matter what language a child speaks, no matter what age the child is, the prayer is heard.

Sometimes an individual feels that No One heard them because there is no quick answer to what they want, what they need, but there is always a reason for the delay, because perhaps there is a situation that calls for the delay, that is more beneficial in the long run than if the prayer is answered spontaneously.

Faith in human life is a Beautiful Gift of Divine Love, and there are many ways to have faith:  Faith, first of all in God, in The Saints; faith in justice, faith in hope, faith in the love of another human being.  Faith is not just a word, it has tremendous meaning.  Mankind says, ‘I love you,’ and there are many degrees of love.  Sometimes this line is spoken for selfish reasons, possessiveness, and yet many times it has so much goodness in it, so much trust, sincerity, hope, strength.

Mankind has been favored by The Father with the ability of being able to think, to speak, to understand, and the abilities are so numerous in addition to the previous mentioned ones.  Human life is not dull.  There is so much for every individual to use for beneficial reasons, and also to more fully understand that God’s Presence is continuous, and through This Presence no human being is ever alone, because of That Portion of God that is within each human life, the Soul.

So much through This Miracle has stressed the Importance of the Soul because It gives strength to the mind, to the body.  It helps every individual know that there can be no loneliness because of the Soul that is within the body, that is a direct Connection to God Himself.  This Miracle has taught mankind what a Precious Gift human life is, and that it has a Goal.

We see men, women and children throughout the world striving to reach goals of attainment.  We sometimes wish that more would look for a goal of atonement for their weaknesses, because of the Soul that is the recipient of all that an individual does, stands for, practices.

Every time One of Us speak it is a Gift of Divine Love, and every time an individual tells others of This Miracle, the Soul of the individual radiates a happiness unknown to the individual, but in the sharing there is an inward glow.

Many of Us speak because it is important for mankind to know that human life is Special in many ways, but human life has a Soul that is a Portion of The Father, indescribable, but present from the moment of conception, because through the Soul mankind instinctively is given senses of right over wrong, truth over untruth.  It is important for mankind to know that to be human is a God-given Designed Role.  So be it.”

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