ON NOVEMBER 4, 1996 AT 12:27 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.  As Others stand Here with Me, the child through whom I speak was made aware of the Presence of Each One of Them.  We heard her say, ‘Which One is going to speak?’ We always smile at this, because her innate desire to repeat only what is correct is one alone throughout the world.

When We hear denial of This Miracle, it is not just a sadness to Us, but in essence, what mankind does not realize is that he or she rejects a Personal Gift of Divine Love, and in arrogance, oftentimes, desperately tries to disprove This Miracle to not just a few, but many.

Throughout the world there are different vocations of life, and different rules for different nationalities.  It is sad when We see, in some places, so much dominance over the minds of the individuals, not allowing their free will to act according to what they feel is correct, what is proper, what is moral.

When The Father gave to the world This Gift of His Divine Love, He warned the little one through whom We All speak, that there would be much opposition, many lies, and in spite of these things she would be ordered to do what she was told to do, because God wanted no interference from What He wanted mankind to learn, to understand, to follow, to practice in daily life, because the Soul of every individual is a Portion of Him, and the Soul must be protected against all egotistical self-righteous individuals who feel that they have learned what is necessary; but also, they feel that their control is justifiable due to what they believe, they accept as being important in position, no matter what the cost is to anyone else.

There is so much repetitiveness going on, wherein mankind, through jealousy, through self-love, wants to be important, wants to have others obey them, look up to them, and value their very existence, even though what they are about is not a God-given Direction, but only a human, willful acceptance.  The world is saturated with thousands and thousands of men, women, who direct those under them to pay heed to everything they say, they do, they deliver, they accept, they direct.

The Father, in His Love for mankind, chooses one to develop What He wants developed, to instruct What He wants others to be instructed in.  This allows for no jealousy and no personal view.  It is always obvious when It is from The Father, because It protects all that man is about, and It instructs mankind to put God above all things, and set aside humanism, humanistic authority, and base all things on purity for the mind, the body and the Soul.

Throughout the world there are so many anti-ideas, persuasions, directions, against what is sound morally, what is sound physically, what is sound spiritually.  It is time that mankind awaken to what is logically valuable for the benefit of their Soul, and something in this order automatically eliminates the importance of man’s position amongst man.  So be it.”

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