ON OCTOBER 28, 1975 AT 5:25 PM


“My beloved sons, I am Saint Benedict.  I come through this child with joy today and I say, ‘All Heaven rejoices on this day for a child is more prepared to walk in the physical way.’ A child said to The Father today, ‘Thy Will, my God, not mine.’ She has often said this but with each Preparation for The Divine, these words are necessary.  I know it might be difficult for each of you to understand and you would say, ‘Oh, is not the one time sufficient for The Father?’ But He knows His children and He says, ‘Ah, do you give Me the words I love to receive?’ and the child must respond verbally, ‘Thy Will, my God, not mine.’ So today the child said it openly and so All of Heaven rejoices, for a Great Preparation has made a great step for The Divinity.

So many children in the world must see this child and they must understand that to live the life of the human way, the human role, is a privilege given to man.  And this line of life, this way of life, this performance of life, this acceptance of life, is to give to the Soul, Light and Forever Life.

So many children in the world say, ‘Who is she?’ and We Here in the Heavens shout and say, ‘Have you not heard of a child given totally, given totally to Divine Love?’ And the world, the people say, ‘Who is she?’ And We, in Our way, inject in them.  We plant the Seeds throughout the world.  The Father tells Us where and when, so We go and We drop the Seed and then The Father nourishes It, and the child then is known in that place.  And then We go in another place and We drop the Seed and The Father nourishes It, not with the water that you know but with Grace, through the children’s Faith that shows.

And then the Seed grows.  It may grow into just a plant.  It may grow into a great tree.  It may grow into a tree that gives fruit, and We smile Here and say, ‘Ah, Dear Father in the Heavens, One close, One with such Love, the children are looking for the tree that bears fruit.’ And He smiles and says: ‘Sometimes the children look at a tree.  It is barren at the time, but when the light comes, the tree will bear fruit.’ And We smile at this and say, ‘But what about the nourishment, Holy One?’ And He says: ‘When the children ask for the nourishment, I cast it one piece by one.  And as they grow, the nourishment grows and the fruit grows.  Sometimes they do not see it but it is there to be picked when they need it, for to walk a path of trees alone would have something missing.  Is that not so? So as I plant the seeds in the ground, the grass all around, I sometimes plant flowers for the children not to be distracted by, but to feel the beauty of all around.  And then, when a tree starts going up, the child must be forced to look up to the fruit or the leaves or just the branches.  And sometimes the children say: “How tall that tree is, God.  Ah, what a beauty to see.” And I smile and I say, “Yes, look Higher, to Me.” So I have given all heights, all dimensions.  I have given all means for children to look up to Me.’

I, Saint Benedict say, ‘You are special children to The Father every day.’ And many who await this child’s return pray the safety of the mission, and some even say, ‘Let the mission go by the wayside, God.  Let them come home safely.’ Ah, how much love there is in this prayer, for The Father truly does care.  And when a child prays for the safety of another, the Will of His to be done, but the love for all things to come together, The Father especially loves such a prayer, for in this prayer there is unity of life, unity of love, and yes, truly love for Here.  So be it.”

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