ON SEPTEMBER 22, 1997 AT 1:18 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.

The Father has not just given to the world a Great Gift, but has entrusted This Gift of His Divine Love to those who will be responsible to all of mankind, because of the Soul that each living human being is the custodian of.

Many of Us speak at different times through This Gift of The Father’s Love, not always asking for It to be written, but the Lessons are oftentimes in the form of speech, mannerisms, reactions.

The world has become so demonic-oriented.  Some might say, ‘Why could He, how could He, what would make Him use this word about human beings?’ Truth is easy to speak, especially when it is beneficial to the Souls of all human beings, all cultures of human beings, all mentalities of human beings, all who hold Faith in God as a symbol of how they feel, and the importance in how they feel about a Superior Being as The Creator of All Things.

The world is in great turmoil morally, mentally, socially, physically, spiritually.  There are so many definitions for this turmoil, this unrest, this lack of sound understanding regarding the enormity of the degrees that The Father of All Mankind, God, has given so that mankind would be totally informed of what was expected, what would be expected, no matter what nationality, or what form of Faith man would claim to have.

We hear so many professions of individualized moral values, moral standards.  Many of them are based on the time that man feels is associated with how they must react, how they are expected to react to what is morally sound, morally acceptable, or even what is immoral in the same category as these two definitions.

When an individual with little Faith in God says a prayer such as the following: ‘If You truly exist in some form, some way, some dimension of reality, You will answer my request,’ this in some ways is a prayer of more individuals than others are aware of.  The word ‘if’ is a word of question, but also a word of hope.  Sometimes the smallest word in the world covers many subjects, and many areas in which mankind is daily involved.

If I cause others to sin, I am responsible for them.  If I take what belongs to another one, I realize it is wrong.  If I practice impurity of the mind or the body, I instinctively know that a Part of me I cannot see, I cannot feel, lets me know that I have committed a wrong, an offense that will in some way have to be corrected, and/or I will be punished for it, perhaps not punished physically in the way mankind sees punishment to be, but I know that there will be some form, some source, that will have to make amends for the wrong.

There is so much leniency on immorality throughout the world, even when individuals know that what they are doing, what they are accepting is offensive to some Portion of their being that they cannot see, they cannot feel, but they continue to do it.  Why?

The Father has given to the world a Gift of His Divine Love through His Holy Spirit, and This Gift has been and is still awakening mankind to the Importance of human life, the Reason for which it was created, and that it is the most important creation above and beyond all other creations, because The Father instills in every conception of human life a Portion of Himself, called ‘a Soul’.

We hear some men, women and children wonder why they feel concerned over what they have done or practiced that is immoral, indecent, impure.  Oftentimes they say, ‘My conscience bothers me, but I’ll get over it.’

This Miracle of The Father’s Love that has passed to mankind thousands and thousands and thousands of Personal Revelations, and Revelations for all of mankind, touching on things and situations that individuals become involved in, must be seen as a Gift of Divine Love.

Mankind knows right from wrong, truth from untruth, purity from impurity, and yes, fully aware of deceit, lies, falsehoods.  All of Us Saints using This Miracle of The Father’s Love, use It to awaken mankind to the Importance of human life, and the Divine Love in which human life was created.

Of course, what I have spoken is not the last that will be spoken by One Here, because of The Father’s Generosity at ‘this time’, in your time.  The world has been Blessed, and it is sad to see how few recognize This Gift of Divine Love as a Blessing from The Divine.  So be it.”

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