ON APRIL 18, 1979


“Responsibility is a continuous, constant part of life.  It has its joys, fears, concerns and immediacy of action, throughout our day.  Responsibility does not end with disagreement regarding responsible actions.

Responsibility is an important part of our lives.  It is truly a Gift from God to each of us.  Responsibility has with it the need for stability, the need to take part, the need to be involved, the need for charity, the need for hope.

Responsibility is not an ugly word or an undesirable part of our life, but in many ways ‘responsibility is a life saver’.

To shirk responsibility sometimes takes more effort than it would take to perform the responsible action.  Part of your daily examination of conscience should be, ‘Today, what part of my responsibility did I shirk?’ Then, be honest with yourself in your answer.

Procrastination — Laziness — Immaturity.  These three words are separated in dictionaries because of their different beginning letter, but we can look at them pertaining to our life and know they follow each other.

To procrastinate says indifference to a person, people, or situation.  It shows a lack of stability, knowledge and understanding.  Procrastination delays many things and very often causes heartache to others and leaves a trail of very little progress and no motivation.  Procrastination is a killer of hope and sometimes turns an act of charity into a disaster.

Laziness usually has no foundation.  It creates a sluggish atmosphere.  It is depressing and it lacks hope.  The discouragement that is seen or felt from a lazy person sometimes causes anger, temper and disagreements that can break a relationship of a family, relatives, friends, businesses.

Procrastination and laziness are buddies.  They belong to the same undeveloped, uninteresting part of our nature.

Immaturity is a disguise and also a fact.  There is no set rule and no definite age that puts the stamp of maturity on anyone’s life, but a clear conscience, a responsible person, a man or woman who respects fear, conquers it, who does not allow procrastination and laziness to enter their life, most certainly can be termed ‘a mature human being’.

In your examination of conscience tonight, ask yourself: ‘Is my conscience clear?  Have I acted to my fullest capacity, making today a day of growth for myself, not neglecting anyone else?’”

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