ON NOVEMBER 14, 1979


“Impure thoughts, actions, deeds, are usually blamed on something else, someone else, or something totally ridiculous.  What makes people blame their weaknesses on others?

It is so obvious that our own impurities are totally of our own will.  If we accept temptation, we must realize that temptation, wherever it comes from, is triggered in our mind and developed by our own will.  We alone are to blame for our own impurities.  Facts are facts.  Logic is logic.  Truth is truth.  It is important that all men face the reality that what they do is their own decision, and they have no one to blame but themselves.  Realizing and understanding this eliminates excuses for misbehavior, indecencies, immoralities, selfish mistakes and actions that are harmful to other human beings.

In the realization that we are our sole decision maker, should give us a strength that nothing else can.  It is a grave sin to try to dominate another man’s will.  It can be placed in the serious area of sins against several of God’s Commands, perhaps all of Them.

In the Creation of man, God left nothing out.  The physical body was perfectly designed, perfectly constructed for reasons intended by God:  to serve, to live, and to return to Him the Precious Soul.  The physical life is but the means to one day be with God for All Eternity.

If one were to concentrate on the value of the physical body, meant by God for it, man could not bear to sin, nor could man bear to make excuses for any act of impurity.  It is man’s resistance to see the Beauty of God’s Will that encourages man to live bent on just humanism.

Have you ever wondered what makes you recognize good from evil?  What makes you want to be Holy?  What makes you see the beauty in loving God?  What makes you admire others who serve God?  What makes you know there is more to life than what you have?  What makes you desire to be close to God?  Logic says it is your Soul’s desire to return to God.

The next time you find yourself about to make a decision that will only satisfy the moment, think before you act, and when you act, be sure that your decision had your Soul in mind above all things.”

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