ON FEBRUARY 11, 1980


“How do I pray?  What effort do I make to pray?  What do I use to help me pray:  books, a Rosary, the Ten Commandments, the Gospels, a breviary, prayer cards, pamphlets, or just conversation?  What do I radiate when I pray:  monotony, burden, lethargy, indifference, ego, sincere Faith, emotionalism, contradiction, piety, a lackadaisical manner, impudence, insincerity, just habit?

Do I believe in prayer?  Do I believe that prayer has worth?  Do I believe that prayer is communication with God?  Do I feel prayers are answered when they hold a request?  Do I bargain with God when I pray to Him?

Prayer should be made a very important part of our life.  Our prayer should be approached and acted in and upon in a dignified manner; as a child going to The Father or going to The Mother, we must respect the communication, the association, the privilege of this communication.

Prayer is an expression of Faith and it is also a means to grow in God’s Favor, God’s Grace, God’s Love.  Prayer is a strength when we use it correctly.  It is a developer of our Faith in God.  It is a sign of our love to Him, of Him.  Our example through our action of prayer can give strength to others that nothing else can, for an openness of prayer in action has teaching in it, hope in it, direction in it, strength in it, purpose in it, for all who see it, hear it, partake in it, or are the reasons for it.

Make this Lent a time to grow in your manner of prayer, your way of prayer, your degree of prayer, your expression of prayer, your example of prayer, your purpose for prayer.”

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