ON AUGUST 1, 1980


“Men deem it a great tragedy when they go bankrupt financially.  Somehow they do not see a great tragedy in their Souls being bankrupt in purity and morality.

The Soul is That Part of us that belongs to God.  The Soul is That Part of us that we must return to God.  We are the custodian of It, and it is our Soul that will reap the reward we earn for It while we are alive upon the earth.

Our Soul reflects everything we are:

our thoughts our hopes

our words our dreams

our meanings our needs

our actions our loves

our involvements our justice

our standards our mercy

our values our meekness

our discipline our callousness

our controls our cunningness

our lethargy our charity

our permissiveness our generosity

our dignity our Spiritual


our indignities our Spiritual


our sincerity our Spiritual


our insincerity our Spiritual


We sometimes talk about using people and things as a sounding board.  Do we ever think of our Soul being our punching bag, taking the abuse of all our indiscretions, indecencies, immoral actions, immoral thoughts, marring our Soul with scars that only reparation and penance can erase?

It is time to take a good look at our Soul, and the best way to do this is to make a good examination of conscience, a good examination of our habits, a good examination of our personality, a good examination of our example in all things, a good examination of our temper, a good examination in how we perform our responsibilities.  Then, and only then, can we release our Soul from the possibility of bankruptcy, or being in the state of bankruptcy.

What are we depriving God of by abusing our Soul?  It is true the Soul is the victim of our action, but always remember This is the Part of us that belongs to God.  It must be returned to Him in a Glorified State, reflecting all we are, all we did, all the service we extended in God’s Name while we were upon the earth.

Sainthood is the Reward of a life that was dedicated to God, committed to His Will, serving in all things for the Goal He intended for each man’s Soul.

Remember, Sainthood must be our Goal.  We must never allow our Soul to be bankrupt.”

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