ON AUGUST 6, 1980


“Sarcasm reflects bitterness, dislike, ego, superiority, and envelops a lack of respect, a lack of sincerity, a lack of understanding, showing a deep personal expression of inferiority.  Sarcasm, oftentimes in its belittling attempt, not only promotes hard feelings between two people, but it forfeits the rights of the one who is being cut down by the lack of charity that sarcasm administers.

Taking the time to do things right, to do things in a thorough manner so they will accomplish what they were set out to do, is important in every man’s life.

A lawn partly mowed is a tremendous distraction to all who look at it.  It also speaks out loud about the people who live in the dwelling where this lawn is on display.  It says carelessness, indifference.

A letter quickly written in a scribbled form says, ‘I didn’t want to take the time for you, to make this more legible, more complete.’

A dinner thrown together with no evidence of care says: ‘You’re not worth any effort on my part.  I care about you, but I also don’t care enough about your welfare, about how happy you would be if I took the time to do things a little special, or even to do them right on your behalf.’

Tardiness is a most distasteful habit, for tardiness is based on selfishness, robbing others of the respect of their time involved with the individual.

Monopolizing another’s time, using someone as a sounding board is a tremendous abuse and misuse of time, for it has only selfish motives and self-centered intention.

These are but a few of the offenses that occur every day where time not just exists, but passes in the lives of so many people.

Time is one of the most abused Gifts that man has, for time is truly a Gift that is to be utilized for the benefit of man’s mental, physical and Spiritual welfare and growth.

The next time you find yourself involved in abusing time, remember, for every moment of life, we are accountable to God for how we used it, how much of it we abused, and in what manner we made our time favorable to Him and His Will.”

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