ON JANUARY 5, 1981


“A physical scar, if it is in an obvious place so others are constantly in view of it, many times carries a very depressing psychological effect on the bearer of this scar.  A scar covered by clothing often creates a different degree or type of self-consciousness, or even modesty, because of the innate personal disapproval of such a scar.  Depending upon the degree of the scar and other things attached to it, ego can play an important part in cosmetic appraisal of one’s own self.

Furniture has scars, trees have scars, many areas and portions of the land have deep scars created by the elements or nature.  Everything in existence can be vulnerable to bearing scars, some very obvious, some hidden, some totally obscure from view. ‘Perfection has no scar’, and it is quite a rarity to be able to determine that something physical or material is without a scar of some sort.

To enter the Kingdom of God we must be flawless, with no scars of any kind.  Of course, this refers to the condition of our Soul.  Every sin, every impurity causes a scar upon our Soul.  Reparation to purify the scarred area is positively necessary to erase the scar from our Soul.  The human mind finds distaste in a scarred body, and finds it sometimes difficult to live with.  If we could only train ourselves to not accept the scars we cause upon our Soul through our impurities, we would begin to live totally for God’s Will to be done by us.

There is no better time than now to begin to correct any scar already upon our Soul, and to dedicate our life, our will to God with the total commitment that we will not allow another scar upon our Soul. This is not impossible for any one of us. The success of such a commitment is based upon our own will, ‘our line of decision’, and of course, the foundation for this is our own effort regarding self-discipline and self-control.  It is ‘not a Miracle’ when you do not sin, it is your decision, and your decision ‘does not’ carry the Supernatural Presence that determines a Miracle.  It all stems from your own will, your own self-control, your own self-discipline.

At the end of this Retreat, self-commitment, self-control, self-discipline, should be your promise to God in a contract that only you can break, signed by you to hand to Him one day, never broken, never scarred, but pure in every way.”

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