ON JANUARY 6, 1981


“Many people feel they are justified in all their actions, all their determinations, all their opinions, all their decisions, and they are qualified to make determinations for others.  In this self-centeredness, self-love, there is much omitted from their whole being, for in everything they do they omit fairness, justice, and the will of other people.  Their dominance kills love, kills hope, kills interest, kills desire, kills respect, kills what can be termed ‘human dignity’.

Ask yourself, if in your own daily living, do you have to control others, control what they do, where they will be, to make it comfortable for you, or do you allow them as much freedom as you have?

Possessiveness reeks of a lack in the one who possesses another person.  It shouts a lack of stability, a lack of dignity, a lack of purpose, a lack of self-control, a lack of self-discipline, a lack of competence, a lack of ability to make decisions for fear of being proven wrong, lack of self-esteem, lack of personal security.

It is important that we understand what it means to be fair.  So many people talk about what is fair, but they never apply it to themselves.  It is never too late to see the value for one’s self and everyone else to being treated fairly.

Of course, God is the Ultimate in fairness and this was shown to us in the very giving of the Ten Commandments as our Guidelines for life, for to not give us These Ten Commandments and expect us to know by what standards He expected us to live, would have had a touch of unfairness in it.

We must capitalize on all that He has given us and imitate His Manner of doing things.  If you are in the habit of being unfair, it is a habit that can be broken with determination, and of course, imitation of how God has done it for you.”

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