ON MARCH 12, 1981


“So many people, in acting out their piety, their religious beliefs, their ‘show’ of how they feel about prayer, can be called ‘sanctimonious’ because, in reality, they do not live their prayer. ‘Impressing others’ seems to be their value and standard for how their prayer is meant in the actual practice of charity, forgiveness, and following the Ten Commandments.

Sometimes acknowledging ‘only the theory’ makes someone sanctimonious, because it is only the theory they recognize, and in their actions they not only substantiate the theory, but they put the theory into a workable order, ‘eliminating’ the practice of piety and sincere Spiritual exercises.

Many times sanctimonious people put a show on of what they ‘pretend’ to believe, and then dominate everyone else, demanding they carry out practices of piety, virtue, and Spiritual prayers.”

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