ON MAY 28, 1981


“How do you pray?

What do your prayers consist of?

Is prayer necessary to you?

Do you allow others to see you pray?

Do you only pray in privacy?

How do you honestly feel about prayer?

What do you feel prayer should show — piety, solemnity, fanaticism, or do you think that prayer is only a private communication with God?

Where your Faith in God is concerned, is it an open Faith, is it a well-guarded Faith, is it a well-guided Faith?

Do you have a padlock on your Faith?  Do you lock it up when you do not want to be aware of it, or have others see you use it or practice it?

Do you understand the necessity for Faith in God?

Are you aware of others’ Faith in God?

Do you believe in the necessity to use Faith in God in acts of charity, in acts of hope, in acts of love, in acts of humility, in perseverance, in example?

Today, be sure that if you have a lock of any kind on your Faith in God, open the lock and throw the key away, for it could be that through your expression of Faith in God, someone will see reason to love God more, and have more hope in life.

Be aware of the importance of how you pray, where you pray, your intention in prayer, and combine this with an awareness of your Faith in God, and the necessity of expressing your Faith so that others will learn how to grow in the Light of your Faith, so that their Faith will also grow.”

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