ON JUNE 1, 1981


“In our time there is so much emphasis on certain people who feel they have physical healing powers in their hands and/or in their prayers.

Looking at healing in its full and true sense can only be attributable to God first.  Either He gives a Miraculous Cure or He gives people the mental and/or physical strength to endure the illness, or He sees that time takes care of the mental and/or physical capabilities to deal with the problem.

When there is no physical evidence of the possibility for health to return, only God is in control, and the stability of the situation comes from the will of the person and of those associated with the person.

Prayer is most certainly to everyone’s advantage.  At no time is prayer ever harmful when it is for good.

So-called healers, self-endowed, must be seen for what they are — eager to help, but sometimes their ego is the only strength they have.

Healing devices are many:

1.  Prayer.

2.  Medical Science in the hands and minds of competent people.

3.  Activities that generate thinking about something else until the body restores itself.

4.  Sometimes learning a subject that gives some challenge takes one’s mind off of the immediate problems.

5.  Working with one’s hands on projects helps to avoid depression.

6.  Getting interested in the Arts many times gives new interests, and helps the mind conquer the personal fears.

7.  Changing one’s color scheme in the house or refurbishing things gives a lift to one’s spirit, encouraging a hopeful outlook.

8.  There are numerous ways to ward off depression, anxiety, and/or fear. Use them all if necessary.

Physical healings do happen all the time and in many ways.  Just don’t depend upon an individual who insists they have charismatic gifts to heal.

When God uses an individual for such purposes, it is done discreetly, and the instrument is not hailed as a great charismatic.”

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