ON JUNE 4, 1981


“One of the most useful formulas for a healthy mind, for a healthy body, for sound Spiritual understanding, is for an individual to work at it, work with it, and use work as a means to fulfillment for set goals.

Work is a tremendous healer for the mind, the body and the Soul, especially if this work is based on service to God, dedication to fulfilling obligations and responsibilities that are worthwhile, and to a useful practice of Faith in God that will eventually lead to Sainthood.

Work is a common word for man, and work is a common denominator for all facets of life.  Work is never to be ignored or set aside, nor should it ever be desired that there will be a time when work is not expected of one.

Work has a tremendous ability within its very function to give hope, to give strength, to give zest, to give zeal to living.  Work in many forms gives the mind something more than just contemplation, meditation or imagination, thus avoiding lethargy, laziness, boredom, or even senility to take over.

For some, work with the hands is a Godsend, for others, work with the mind is a Godsend.  Be aware of the importance of working, and be aware of the importance of what work can mean to you.  Never deny your mental, physical or Spiritual the importance of work.

Work can be the greatest means that you have to not just accomplishment, but to a healthy life of fulfillment.  Don’t try to get out of work, use it, and as you use it thank God for it, for it can be the very factor in your life that will lead you to a life of Total Fulfillment.”

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