ON JUNE 5, 1981


It is a Soul of a person who has been ordered by God to make reparation for offenses against Him, committed through the physical life of the person with whom this Soul walked the earth.

This fact must be recognized for the importance of it, and the necessity for us to recognize that our Soul will be committed to Purgatory or Hell according to the way we live.

Do You Know Of Any Souls Who Might Be In Purgatory?

Most likely we all know of Souls in Purgatory, and it would be wise to not ignore this fact.

It is important for everyone to see how devastating to our Soul our slightest imperfection can be.  With this knowledge it is difficult to understand why we do not wish to do everything according to God’s Plan.  It seems impossible that we would dare to sin against His Ten Commandments.  Reason alone should make us change our way of living and reach only for purity in every thought, word, deed and action we are involved in.

How Do Souls Get Out Of Purgatory?

When the reparation is completed, and God is satisfied with the state of the Soul’s being, then the Soul is released to one of the Castles in Heaven.

We can be of great assistance to the Souls in Purgatory, and it is sad that we often fall into the trap of a cliché that says, ‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ If we could but remember that we are never out of the View of God, and when we leave this earth our Soul is constantly seen by Him.  So with this as a guide for our thinking, we must never omit praying, or performing acts of charity, service to God, or acts of love on behalf of a Soul or the Souls in Purgatory.

We are told, and we believe through Faith in God, that when we help a Soul out of Purgatory, this Soul, when It is with God, has the opportunity to aid us in ways that we will not be aware of, but in the Plan of God’s Justice, and in His Plan for Ultimate Charity, He allows this to happen.

What Is Purgatory?

It is a state of reparation for Souls to make restitution.”

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