ON JUNE 6, 1981


“Time is important to everyone.  Some men feel their time is so important that they charge exorbitant prices when they use their time to instruct, to counsel, or to diagnose a physical problem.  Others charge exorbitant prices for their qualifications alone, in their teaching credentials.  Other men charge exorbitant prices for their capabilities that they feel are beneficial to you and that you hire them for.

Most men do not see the importance of their time that is spent for the benefit of their Soul.  They put no price on this, they put no set value on this area of their life, and yet this is the most important time in anyone’s life.

Spiritual behavior, Spiritual involvement, Spiritual teaching, Spiritual direction, Spiritual instruction that guides Souls, that emphasizes the Purpose of life, the channels that must be taken to benefit the Spiritual Being, bears the most important expression of time and its usefulness than anyone gives credit to.

Time is precious to most men, sometimes in selfish motives, or for selfish gain.  But men oftentimes guard their time without reason; they just instinctively feel it is theirs to do with what they will.  God, understanding the possessiveness that man feels about time, treats this subject delicately because time to God is also very important.  The difference between man’s feeling for time and God’s Intention of time is that man is the recipient of time from God, and God is the Dispenser of time to man.

From this time on, be aware of how much time you devote to God, how much time is spent being example of Him to other men.  Also, when you look at your clock, always remember to ask yourself, since the last time that you looked at the clock, how much time did you spend devoted to God for the benefit of your Soul?”

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