ON JUNE 7, 1981


“The first Apostles spoke sometimes to a few people at a time, and sometimes multitudes gathered to hear them speak about Christ.  They told the people about Him, and they expounded on the subjects and topics He taught them.

They taught the people about life, its Purpose, about life everafter, and how It would be attained.  They taught the people the necessity to obey the Ten Commandments and the Importance of Christianity.  They taught all the people about this manner of life of Christianity, and what it was all about; how in Christianity men would reject barbarism, reject injustice, reject impurities of mind and body, concentrating on the necessity of purity of the Soul.

They taught about the necessity for men to respect other men, for honor to be upheld in the midst of men, and how the dignity for life and in life was important because in the act of dignity, it showed respect for mankind, because man was made to the Image and Likeness of God.

They elaborated on how important it was for all men to hear of Christianity, and for all men to hold the Ten Commandments as their Guidelines for life.  They talked about how important it was for men to learn from them, so they, too, could go and teach all nations, the Message that Christ left for all time.

They talked about the personal days with Him, how He led them, teaching them as they talked, teaching them day and night, sometimes with a rapidity of words, actions and examples, and other times in a more solemn way, a more somber way, showing them the necessity for seriousness.  They told the people about their Soul, and what God expected of them because of this knowledge they now had.

They talked about Baptism.  They talked about repentance for sins.  They discussed the value of the marriage state and the family, and they always put great importance on the anointing of the sick.

They expressed great concern over the new necessity for Priests to follow in this Christian form of life, and the protocol and the formula for instructing others in the way He set it up to be.

They talked about decency.  They talked about the Beatitudes.  They talked about charity, its purpose, its need, its dignity, its rightful place.

They talked about how important it was to protect the innocence of the young, the necessity to take care of the elderly, and to provide for those who needed it.

The life of the Apostles was busy, full, and in many ways, they walked in danger all the time.

In the time we live, we must continue doing things the way God wants them to be done, holding the Ten Commandments in an obvious place, not just to remind us, not just to guide us, but to keep us constantly aware that These are The Rules and The Commands to follow for purity.”

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