ON JUNE 7, 1981


“God chose America for The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, and All His Directions and Teaching through This Miracle in America are in the English language, which allows all Americans to understand thoroughly All the Teachings and Directions.

It is logical to see that God, in using our language, will speak in a way readily understood by us, and His Terminology, Direction and Content will be understood by us and not foreign to us, or not force us to determine interpretation.

Many years ago, the terminology that was used in Aramaic, Greek, or any other language, would most likely not be how we would term ‘example’ or ‘parable’.  The dialects of those days differed from each other, and would not suit or fit our way of life.  In our day, in the tongue we know that is correct for us, God is speaking through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, giving Direction for all of us to understand Him more, to help us grow in our Faith in Him, and giving us sound reasoning in how we can become Saints.

There is no trickery in God, there is only Love for man in God, and His Love, coming to the earth to a portion of the world that speaks English, is His show of a Special Love for man.  How can man ignore the Messages He has given and is giving?  Are Americans so naïve or so supercilious that they cannot recognize a Gift of Extreme Love, Divine Love, when they get It?

Parables to an American would not use the same terminology that a parable in Greek, Gaelic, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, or any other language would use.  It is time the Americans wake up to What they’ve got, and see It for what It is worth so they can use It for how God intended It to be used:  to save their Souls.”

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