ON JULY 2, 1981


“For a very long time, Saint Joseph has been depicted in pictures and statuary carrying the Child Jesus.  To most people this was a natural pose, a natural act for an earthly Father and an earthly Son, always emphasizing the family role, family responsibility and the natural protection of a father for a son.

Let us look at this image of protectiveness, contentedness, relationship, and act of love that is obvious through this setting.  There is more being said than the natural emphasizes in this matter.  The very protective strength of Saint Joseph carrying Jesus in His Arms says that to carry The Son of God, one must be God.  What mortal could be so entrusted with such a Treasured Son?

To look further into the magnificence of this gesture immediately says that the Protector of this Child is more, and His Image that is projected in protection, care and love, was truly meant as God holding mankind as children in His Arms, protecting them with all of the necessary strength, hopes, loves, and necessities of life.

Through this Image we must better understand the Dignity that was portrayed by Saint Joseph as man.  The Example was for all men to better understand the privileged role of being man and the privileged role of being the father of a family, protecting, providing, caring, with the discipline of God’s Love in this role.

Men must emulate what this Image depicts so that through the imitation of how God meant men to be, men will see the beauty of manhood, the strength of manhood, the duties of manhood, and the goal for which manhood was created.”

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