“There are many kinds of humor and there are many people who feel that humor is the only way they can get attention.  There is fun humor, there is funny humor, and there is clever humor.  Also, there is sick humor.  Sometimes it is difficult for some people to determine what is truly good humor and what is nonsensical or sick humor.

People who enjoy good humor are repulsed by sick humor because sick humor is always tinged or saturated with insults, abrasive remarks, impure actions or impure speech.  Sick humor deals with an undignified look at one’s self and other people.  Also, sick humor has a way of baiting another person into many regretful actions or responses.

Sick humor is beneath a decent human being.  It is degrading, demoralizing, and is enjoyed only by people who subject themselves to a degenerate or abusive form of life.  When humor is not offensive, it is good.  When humor is not risky or risqué, it can be relaxing to everyone present, and can be the note of charity that so many times is needed in difficult times.

The next time you laugh at humor or you are encouraged to pass it on, ask yourself the necessary questions:  Is it degrading?  Does it diminish my Soul?  Will it cast a shadow of impurity upon my Soul, or will it lift the spirits and give a moment of joy where I spread it or take part in it?  Is it good example to everyone else, and how will it influence everyone else?

Humor many times is not looked upon in its true value, but is exercised by immature people who use it only as a tool for attention, not really seeing it for its beautiful purpose God intended.”

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