ON NOVEMBER 14, 1981


“Common words such as lust, pornography, homosexuality, lesbianism, prostitution, orgy, are seldom seen beyond the first reaction to what the word might mean at that time.  Each of these words is connected with degrading man’s human body and Spiritual Soul.

Lust is not an act of love.  It is an act stimulated by a lack of sound moral approach to intimacy with another human being.  In no way is this what God intended for men and women to respond to.  It always carries a desire for impurity, indecency, and can be connected with cruelty in many ways.

Pornography is a totally immoral stimulus for anyone because it is usually based on degrading actions, immoral literature or intentions, and is diabolical in origin.  When people depend upon pornography, they become sick, unstable in their attitude and their actions, debasing to any relationship they have with other people.

Prostitution is oftentimes looked upon as one of the oldest natural weaknesses of man, and in this gesture of acceptance, it is not really seen for its degradation and its immoral offenses against individuals and the whole of society.  Prostitution is misuse of the human body no matter what credibility man tags it with.  It is wrong, it is sinful, it is immoral, it is against God.

If one must depend upon orgy to feel stimulated where the senses are concerned, then one must look at this as unnatural, not moral, and in this sense see it as being totally wrong.  Orgy in our day comes under the guise of many things:  Singles parties that promote promiscuous behavior.  Living together out of wedlock, escaping the responsibility of the marriage state can many times be called ‘orgy’.  It covers many sinful occupations and even preoccupations of many people.  It was one of the greatest sins at Sodom and Gomorrah.

Homosexuality and lesbianism are totally against God’s Reason for intimate relations between two people.  It is an act of perversion that is unhealthy for the mind, body and the Soul.  It is never acceptable.  Homosexuality and lesbianism can be termed ‘sins of lust’.

Presently we live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  This does not mean that this is the only time that we have had an extreme amount of offenses against God, but it does mean that we are in a time that offenses against God are being accepted by more people and it must stop.”

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