ON NOVEMBER 14, 1981


“When we talk about the human body, it is a personal concern for each of us; it is innate in us to want a healthy body.  We are constantly concerned that our body is functioning properly.

It is necessary to understand many things about our human body, because in this knowledge we can use precautions to avoid problems and we can use technical knowledge to help repair many problems.  The human body has much responsibility because it is the tabernacle for our Soul.

There is a great peace of mind in being intelligently, morally sound and informed about our natural human feelings and emotions, where our living intimately with a husband or wife is a union of love and purpose in the way God created it to be.

We are not born with Holiness.  Holiness is the result of a life dedicated and committed to the Will of God.  It is important that we understand how to become a Saint while living a very normal life involved with many kinds of people, committed to a vocation or vocations that surround us with temptations, a varied degree of personalities and natures of other people, plus the immorality of power-hungry, money- hungry individuals, through their advocating and disposition of lewd material in all forms of photography, writings and entertainment.

In daily living we are surrounded with a tremendous conglomeration of weaknesses evidenced through many people’s submission to all sorts of lust, pornography, prostitution, and the display of articles that attracts attention to the senses, promoting indecency.

In establishing a course for one’s self for Holiness, the first step, of course, is to see ourself as God sees us.  The second step is to dedicate and commit ourselves to act, to live, and to be example in all ways pleasing to God.  Third, to never allow any influence to distract us or to interfere with what we know is God’s Will for our Soul.

It is a lot easier to do than men think.  To be staunch and strong in one’s self-control, self-discipline, accepting only sound moral values and sound moral standards as our way of life, always using an ethical code of moral values and moral standards, soon it would be acceptable to and by everyone we come in contact with, especially if there were no deviations in our behavior to tear down such ethical thinking and example.  It is an individual’s responsibility and is important for everyone.

Holiness is like constructing a very tall building.  It must have a firm foundation on stable ground, with a design that is practical, logical, sensible, workable, purposeful.

In stabilizing one’s dedication and commitment to becoming a Saint, the best Foundation in the world is the Ten Commandments, then looking into each Commandment for the fullness that each one was given, plus the determination to not allow anyone to encourage you to offend God in any way.  It is the individual’s will that makes this determination.  The next step is to never fall into the trap of self-righteousness, scruples, or any irrational justification for misconduct of any kind.  Practicing good example at all times, pure acts of charity at all times, sincere piety at all times, is the next step to Holiness.  Of course, it takes effort, it takes time, it takes in-depth practice, but it can become a habit in performance, and in being a habit, it will become a way of life and will automatically show itself when it becomes spontaneous example.

It is sad when people think that it is impossible to become a Saint living a normal fulfilling life.  It is the way God intended us to live, and through it, become a Saint.

The Example of womanhood, manhood, childhood, was portrayed by The Holy Family, and this portrayal, because it was so obviously good, remained for two thousand years.  There were many reasons for The Holy Family’s time upon the earth.  The first, of course, was for the establishment and institution of Holy Mother Church.  The second was to show mankind the Love God has for the family unit that He Himself portrayed through The Holy Family.  Here again the word ‘Holy’ distinguishes This Family from all other families because the word ‘Family’ is prefixed by ‘Holy’.  It also places This Family in a very particular place reflecting Purity and Example.

The Beauty of God’s Portrayal shows man the dignity of the married state and that through this state of life, man is in union with God in the procreation of more life.  It is important that people see marriage as it was meant to be:  a state of life in God’s Plan, cooperating with His Will for the sole purpose of procreation which ultimately is to give God Saints to be with Him in His Kingdom.”

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