ON NOVEMBER 16, 1981


“A salute of respect is called for and is necessary many times.  It is sad to watch people lack this social courtesy when it takes very little effort to respond to the presence of another human being.  Call it what it is:  ignorance, a lack of charity, a lack of human respect.

Another point to be mentioned is when people see someone about to walk by, they expect the person to walk around them, and they stubbornly do not exercise common sense and move out of the way.  Here again, in this ignorance, it shows people refusing to see the dignity of human life, and the necessity for respect at all times where other human beings are concerned.

It does not show superiority when one is disrespectful, it shows a lack of dignity and poor manners, but also immediately tags the person as being unsure of themselves.  There is a protocol to such manners, and this is how it should go:  The younger person or the one in a lesser position should be the one to step aside.  There is no lack of dignity in this; in fact, it shows a tremendous ability to recognize authority and it undoubtedly gains more attention than impudence or a lack of respect would have gained.

A salute of ‘Good morning,’ ‘Good afternoon,’ ‘Good evening,’ is always recognized for exactly what it is, a mannerly relationship that recognizes the time of day, the acquaintance or friendship, and/or the care about another human being.

When we awaken in the morning, it should be innate in us to say, ‘Good morning, God.’ At night before we lay our head, or immediately thereafter, we should make it a practice to say, ‘Good night, God.’ Any additional words such as ‘I love You,’ would most certainly add to the little social amenity that is so comforting to hear.

A social amenity gives a genteelness to life and association with another person or persons.  It also sometimes gives a lift to a person who may otherwise have been burdened with so many problems that a kind word gave hope, Light, and changed the mood to a feeling that things will be brighter.”

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