ON JANUARY 22, 1982


“What goes through most people’s mind on Sunday morning; that is, people who connect Sunday morning with fulfilling an obligation to bounce into a church of their choice and sit through a prescribed ceremony and then immediately leave to take up where they left off?

This type of fulfilling an obligation can be sacrilegious because it is an insult to God when one goes to church because they have learned, and in some cases it has been drilled into them, that they must obey the Third Commandment, Remember Keep Holy The Sabbath.  Of course, many times these very same people have sinned against every other Commandment, but feel their responsibility to the third one is fulfilled when they bounce in and out of church once a week.  What nonsense this must look like to God.  What an insult it is to His Wisdom.

When someone prepares for company or a social time there is usually some preparation, enthusiasm, interest, and/or extra care taken to assure a successful or good time.  Why then is there so little time taken to prepare for Holy Mass, to stand before God in His House, in awe of His Presence, in respect and love to His Presence, and of course, in humility to even be in His House?

The next time you attend Holy Mass, ask yourself if you are prepared to be in the Presence of God in His House.

Have you examined your conscience, your way of life?

Have you promised Him that you will not offend Him as much as you have?

Have you asked His Permission to be in His Presence?

Have you understood what it means to bow to Him when you enter His House?

Do you act humble in His Presence?

Do you understand what it means to stand in His Presence?

Do you understand what it means to recognize that the Consecration at Holy Mass is a time wherein there is a Great Miracle occurring and that this Miracle was promised by The Son of God two thousand years ago and It has never changed in spite of all the corruptness, bigotry, nonsense, chaos, turmoil, hate, envy, and desecrations that have taken place through time?

We can be sure that His Promise holds today in our time.  We can be assured He never breaks His Promise.  What a Miracle of Life we can partake in and yet how many truly understand the awesome reality of this time?

Why have so many Roman Catholics walked away from attending Holy Mass and involved themselves in other denominational churches?  Don’t these Roman Catholics realize that they are robbing themselves of being present and partaking in the Greatest Blessing that man can be a part of in this life?

In the past there were so many men who separated themselves from Holy Mother Church because of some dissension that they felt they could not cope with or handle, and they used this to form or to take part in a Protestant practice of faith.  Sometimes their decisions were provoked by their inability to cope with or understand certain men’s actions, ideas or decisions that appeared unreasonable, without rational purpose.  Who is to say these men were totally wrong, but logic says they should not have walked away, but should have become a part of correcting the obvious dilemma or mistakes no matter what the odds were.

It would be nice to think, to feel, and to know, to be assured that all men in Holy Mother Church were headed for Sainthood.  Perhaps one day men will change and see the greatness of what they have, the beauty of what they can participate in, but until that time we, as Roman Catholics, cannot allow anyone or anything to diminish what we know God wants of each of us, and that is to become a Saint.

Today in our Church we have similar situations wherein many Roman Catholics see the irrational, impractical products of laxness in leadership by so many in authority in Holy Mother Church.  As Roman Catholics we must not walk away, but re-establish what we know, what is fundamentally sound in how God Himself wants Holy Mother Church to be.”

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