ON NOVEMBER 1, 1972 AT 10:39 AM


“Oh, My children, I, too, walked the earth.  I am Saint Anne.  I come through this child today, for it is a Special Plan of God’s that We Here in the Heavens reach you in this manner, for you see, to love you in this way is Special from The Holy Trinity.

Many of you, present before this child now, are ignorant of What is truly taking place.  I, in My Love for all children God created, come to say, ‘Do not let these moments fade away, but be bound to them, be alert to What is said, and see the Wisdom in every bit of It, for as you do, you will know and you will realize that God is truly at the Head.’

I was the earthly mother of The Heavenly Queen, Who is your Heavenly Mother, and I say to each of thee, ‘As I stand Here in the Heavens and I gaze upon Her, I say: “Mother, I love You.  Daughter, I love You every moment We spend together.”’

Ask yourselves on this day:  How many children who surround you, do you offer love to in an open way?  It is needed, it is wanted, and in many ways, it will fill the time that could be wasted just thinking of what to do next for yourself, for others around you.  I beseech you, My children, as your Heavenly Grandmother, to not look to just fill time.  Do it worthwhile, do it in God’s Name, do it with love, act in perseverance, and follow what you know is right.

Keep before you, at all times, The Commandments The Father gave.  Keep before you, at all times, the Goal of the physical way.  Keep before you, at all times, the Way to Sainthood, the reason It is Reward.

Oh, My children, do not let the fallacies of your day dwarf your opinion of God, for if you do, you will be saddened when you come Here, for you will say, ‘Oh, my God, if I had but known what You were all about, I would have bent lower every day.’

If a great king from another land were to come here, you would dress as best as you can, and you would be eager to see, eager to feel the presence of the royalty.  Is this not so?  Then why, each day, do you not walk to the railing, walk the way to greet The King, The Greatest One, Higher than any man in the world?

Some of you, who are present here now, denied yourself this walk on this day, but I beseech you, as your Heavenly Grandmother, to walk it before the end of day; for, as you do, you will find tranquillity and peace, harmony, truth, love, and you will see, in a small way of course, the Goal, which is Heaven Up Above.

So many children argue a point just to get their way.  God does not argue.  He just says, ‘Do it My Way.’

I bless you with My Love and I give you My Daughter’s Blessing today, as I bless you with the Beads of Truth, the Beads that you must say; the Beads the children are destroying, the Beads that are being tossed away; the Beads that say ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace’, for She truly was that way.  And as She stands Here in the Heavens, so Radiant, so Beautiful, I want every child created by God to love Her as I do.  So be it.”

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