ON OCTOBER 25, 1983 AT 10:02 AM

OCTOBER 25, 1983 AT 10:02 A.M.

“There is nothing in the whole world, money, nuclear warfare, man’s abilities or capabilities to dominate people or situations, that supersedes the power of prayer.  Prayer is many things to all people.  To some it is a spontaneous few words spoken or merely thought; to others it’s taking the time to act in a special manner, showing the action of prayer to others, its commitment of service.

Each prayer, each manner of prayer, each form of prayer, each degree of prayer, each reason for prayer, each purpose for prayer and of prayer, is between the individual and Almighty God.  Only He understands the full intention, commitment, reason, and of course, the best way to answer each one’s prayer.  Prayer is most powerful because nothing exceeds the Power of God, nor His Will where man is concerned.  His Way is always far-reaching and not always understood at the time, but we must be ever conscious that prayer is a living union of communication with The Highest Power in existence.

Prayer is a fortress against evil, against failure.  Prayer is the greatest force in existence against satan.  Prayer should be a constant thing, not something we must be reminded to do, to rely upon.  The strength in prayer, the power of prayer, says to God:

‘I believe in You, tell me what to do, lead me where I must go, strengthen me in what I must do and help me to return to You my Soul.’

Prayer can have no doubt attached to it because in prayer there can never be despair.  There is trust in prayer, a child’s trust and yet a blind trust, because innately man knows the Existence of a Supreme Being that hears all things, sees all things and controls all things.

Make prayer a way of life through charitable acts, through sincere concern for the well-being of another human being, through times of special devotions to God alone, through unselfish deeds, through more understanding of the imperfections of others, using your own example as the teacher, the instructor, rather than verbal confrontation, opening cause for debate rather than sound logical example.

There is peace and tranquillity in prayer.  There is happiness in prayer, there is confidence in prayer, there is hope in prayer.  Never sidestep prayer because you are too busy being involved in any form of activity, environment or social contact that puts prayer in a secondary manner.”

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