ON OCTOBER 15, 1971 AT 11:05 AM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am Saint Teresa of Avila.  I come swiftly today, but I come with Love and I come with much purpose.

To the sons in the room who are seeking advice, who are seeking a way, who are seeking help, I say, ‘Devote your life to God in many ways.’ Pray, as the child did say, for the Words were Mine in the beginning, and if you feel a particular field is for you, seek it; but as you seek it, beware of the pitfalls it has, for man has a way of falling into sin when he becomes so eager to get his way.  Many times I walked the earth, seeking a place I knew had to be, but, as you, I discovered I had to pray to find the correct way.

Right now, in the world, you live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Heaven has said it again and again.  It is true.  You do live in a time such as this and it is sad for you.  Many men are placing much importance on the knowledge of the day, on books written by other men and what they did say.  This is good to a point, but remember this, My children:  Do not follow other men for they will lead you wrong.  You must stand where you are on your own energies, your own capabilities and your own love, and go forward from there.

Do not ask other men which way you should travel for you will find their opinions will differ from God’s, and they will see you in a different light than is good for you.  There are many children now being misled by those who are counseling them, for the counselor says, ‘I see this in you, I see that,’ but the child would be wise if the child would look to God for the answers he needs.  Right now many men are leading other men and do not have the ability to do so.  You, My children, must seek out the truth, sift it from the wrong, and then follow through.

Today, many men are celebrating My Way.  I say to them, ‘Better you pray.’  So be it.”

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