ON JULY 27, 1995 AT 12:45 PM


“Mankind is a Special Gift of My Divine Love, for in mankind I have placed many things to give mankind the ability to use human life for the good of their Soul.

Throughout the world there is much confusion.  Much even goes beyond the state of confusion.  I would term it ‘diabolical intercession’ in many areas of man’s mental and physical life.

You live in a time of disfigurement.  So much is being distorted through moral corruption, through jealousy, and through heretical abuses to things I have given to the world to help mankind.  In so many parts of the world there is so much desecration to Spiritual Gifts, human flesh, and to the authority that is placed over children.  Mankind is continuously abusing the Gift of life, concentrating on what is comfortable, what is acceptable, rather than using morality as the code of decision.

All who read These Words I have just spoken, I ask you to make an examination of your own conscience.  First ask yourself, ‘Do I choose morality over immorality?’ Next question, ‘Am I willing to be good example to all those close to me, and all those I meet daily?’ Then ask yourself, ‘Do I spend time communicating with God mentally, physically, or through acts of charity?’ The next question might be, ‘When others see me, do they see in my actions, my appearance, my speech, purity of mind, body and Soul?’

Needless to say, I could go on and on with this examination of daily living, but I feel this is a good start, because each of these help an individual dedicate time, energy, and each action physically, plus communication with others, plus personal communication with Me.

As I look at so many throughout the world you live in, I cannot but feel a great sadness.  It is not just selfishness I see, but degeneracy in all forms, all areas, all practices, all ages, all forms of faith, Spiritual Faith.

I have given the world a Miracle of My Love.  I have constantly and consistently instructed mankind personally, and through Many Saints Here with Me, wanting My Words to travel, to be read, and to help mankind see what a Beautiful Gift human life is, and the Purpose of it.

As you are small in number, those who take My Words in script, never feel that your time is not important, for I picked you because I knew you would serve in the work so necessary to help Souls be returned to Me, who under other circumstances would never know the Importance of human life that bears within it a Portion of Me, the Soul.  So be it.”

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