ON AUGUST 24, 1998 AT 1:01 PM


“I hear men, women and even children doubting My Existence.  It is sad to hear, and in many cases ridiculous for mankind to even utter the words, or think them.  Without My Existence as a Reality, nothing else would exist.  I am not man as man knows man to be.  I am in All Ways different.

Throughout the world there are many who try to use so-called ‘Spiritual powers’, thrusting their imaginations in many directions so that men, women and children will follow their pattern of how they discuss human life, the purpose for it, and of course, always emphasizing the humanism that mankind has the privilege of acting with on all issues.

Today as I speak, I speak through a small voice, a small body, but one that is totally in My Control.  I hear thousands of men, women and children deny this Relationship, this Closeness, even when they read, or some who hear What I have to speak, for mankind to more fully understand the Purpose for which I created man, and all other things.

There have been a small number of times in the History of the world, and of mankind, that I used the mentality of ‘individuals’ so that My Existence would be evident to thousands or millions of others who would see the logic of My Reality.  Mankind, at this time, walks in a form of hysteria, pleasing only the enemy that in so many ways is jealous of human life, because human life has the opportunity to return a Portion of it to Me at a given time.

So many stories in the past have been deliberately exaggerated, so that mankind would see so much based on humanistic values, relationships, ignoring The Supreme Power of All Things.  I hear thousands, if not millions of human beings base their turmoil, their human problems on strictly humanistic evaluations.

I have given the world a Gift Greater than mankind cares to think It to be.  I hear some individuals say, ‘It is not possible for so Many Saints to speak, nor does God speak.’ Where does mankind think all that he or she is capable of came from?  The human mind, the human body, human understanding of purity over impurity, right over wrong, good over evil, is always obvious, but according to the desire, the emotions, the understanding of the necessity of choosing what is morally sound over what is immoral, should be to mankind the obvious understanding of a Supreme Power, and that decisions must be made for a logical purpose.

As I speak through one small voice, rather than to shout from the Heavens All the Words that I allow to pass through This Gift of Mine, mankind should understand that to hear Me Direct would be a frightening experience.

As I speak through one small voice, I say to the world: ‘Read All that has been given through This Specific Gift of Mine, because there is no place throughout the world that I am Present so Openly, so Lovingly as I am here.  Also, as Each Saint speaks to mankind through This Gift of Mine, it is to alert mankind to the necessity of understanding that human life has a Goal, and that human life is different than all other living things or matter, and that All Instructions that have passed through This Gift of Mine must be honored, else mankind will suffer in many ways.’

The time has come when This Gift of Mine cannot be ignored, as many so-called ‘learned’ men and women are doing.  There have been chastisements before, and I do not want to have to allow this.  I have given a Warning, and in the Warning I have given My Love to the whole world.  So be it.”

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