ON OCTOBER 27, 1998 AT 1:36 PM


“I have given to the world a Gift of My Divine Love, Superior to any gift that mankind can receive in any other way, from any human being.

Through My Love for human life, I have requested to Many Saints Their time, to speak in a way, a manner, a degree, on subjects that mankind will learn more about the Importance of human life, My Intentions for it, My Love that is in it, because it bears a Portion of Me, setting human life in a different category than any other living thing.

Though it is difficult for thousands of human beings to believe This Gift of Mine is real, is genuine, is truly from Me, All that I have requested from Those Who have spoken through It had a Purpose, and this was to allow men, women and children to more fully understand that My Closeness to mankind is Greater than mankind can see, can feel, or fully comprehend.

I have requested so Many Saints to give short talks, encouraging those who will read, the Importance of a Gift of My Divine Love, that in many ways attaches human life to Me through a Gift beyond human understanding, but obvious, because mankind has been gifted with the ability to know purity over impurity, right over wrong, justice over injustice, truths over untruths, thus allowing through the Soul, no blindness to be attached to My Will, My Love, My Closeness to human beings.

Children are being instructed on many subjects.  Most of the subjects please other human beings because of a particular interest, attractive to the mentalities of individuals who enjoy the subject matter, thus ignoring the Importance of My Existence in All Things and to Many Degrees.

My Presence is constant, but even learned men who have studied theology, oftentimes cannot adjust mentally, physically, to the Soundness of My Being Present in all people at one time, throughout the world.  In some, it is not a lack of Spiritual Faith, but many times due to the degree of understanding that My Presence is evident, without great minds understanding it.

I have spoken many times on the Importance of human life to Me.  Today I say the Words again: ‘All an individual thinks, practices, works at, speaks, reflects in their Soul that is a Portion of Me.’  So be it.”

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