ON DECEMBER 17, 1998 AT 11:10 AM


“I have Blessed the world with a Gift of My Divine Love.  I have Blessed mankind with many Words of Mine, instructing on many issues, on how mankind should practice his and her love for Me.  Each individual has the opportunity to serve Me at this time in the world.

Mankind must understand that I have given a Specific Gift of My Love, Personal in many ways, easy for mankind to more fully understand the Closeness I am to mankind each day, each hour, every minute.

I come through a small voice, but an obedient voice.  I come through a channel of My Divine Love.  I hear many individuals say, ‘This Gift cannot be,’ but I say to the world, ‘At different times I have found it necessary to communicate Personally with human life.’

This Gift of Mine that bears the Name of My Spirit of Love, Hope, is a Gift of Personal Communication.  Mankind can compare It in one way to how one expresses to another one, ideas and thoughts of importance that they want others to understand how they feel, what they are concerned about, and also, to make others aware that there is a line of communication that cannot be ignored.

I, too, speak this way, in a manner, a degree, a sound, that mankind can understand, and then I have requested My Communication to be put into script, so that millions who were not present would be able to receive My Messages, and also the Messages from All The Saints.  So be it.”

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