ON OCTOBER 25, 2000 AT 12:54 PM


“In the Creation of the world, I created it step by step.  By each step, I mean I created first the foundation, and then within and on the foundation, I created necessary things for future plans.

As the Creation began to be accomplished, it took a very long time before I created man.  Human life was a Gift of My Divine Love, above and beyond all other things I had planned to live upon this portion called ‘the world’.  It was not called ‘the world’ at that time, but I instilled into human minds the names that were to be used, and the purpose for which each thing that I would create to begin all things to occur, up to this time.

My Plans continue, but I give a length of time for Each Plan to become seen for what it is worth, and of course, for it to be adjusted for the next Plan to take place.

The first human beings did not have the advantages that those who live now have been given, because time is necessary for the mentalities of human beings to adjust, to accept, and to be able to utilize and use important things regarding their mentalities, their physical needs, and all they have to cope with in great changes for each of these things.

Today as I speak, I speak through a small voice, a small body that I have used for many, many, many years, going back to the birth, going back in time, giving this little one the abilities to achieve, step by step, for ‘this time’ to come, so that so much of What I Desire for mankind, of all degrees of intellect, to be able to more fully understand what a Precious Gift human life is to man.

There are so many definitions that have been applied to different abilities of human life.  Basically they are called ‘nature, personalities, intellect, imagination’, and abilities to see the right and the wrong of situations; also, to have an in-depth understanding of what is pure over what is impure, what is right over what is wrong, what is just over what is unjust, what is safe over what is unsafe.  This list is endless.

As I speak These Words on this day in your time, it is important for you to understand that as I have given to human life a Particular Gift of My Divine Love, allowing so Many Saints Here with Me to speak openly, instructing on many subjects, always for the Purpose of returning their Soul to Me.

I will not speak long at this time, because the Power I am using is difficult on the little one, but you can expect much more to help you understand that life in the human way is an Important Part of My Divine Plan.  So be it.”

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