ON DECEMBER 5, 2000 AT 12:54 PM


“In the Creation of the foundation for one day to allow human life to exist, I created one thing at a time, so that by the time I allowed this specific Special Gift of My Divine Love to exist, I prepared all things that would be acceptable to the human life that was and is so different than all other things.

Each child born has a distinct Purpose, and that Purpose is to return to Me, That Portion of Me that I instill at the moment of conception.

I have given to the world, not just one place in the world, but to the whole world, This Gift of Communication between Myself and All Others Here with Me, through one small voice.

My Power allows so much to be spoken, instructing human life on the advantages of human life, and the Goal I created it for.  Though it is difficult for the human mind to understand the Full Concept of What I Am, the very Gift of human life is transparent in its Love of Mine for man.

This Gift is to spread throughout the world a greater understanding of Hope, of Purpose, of Love, because in the Creation of human life, I have attached a Portion of Myself within it, giving to it an understanding of communication, of the need to serve, and the need for purity in all facets of human life.

As I speak, I speak strongly through one small body, but it is to show those present that My Power is Beyond a power conceivable to the human way, so I plead with you to understand that as a Creation of Mine, in the way of man, you have a responsibility to return to Me, That Portion of Me you cannot see, you cannot physically feel, but your understanding of what is pure over what is impure in all things, is ‘the key’ to you understanding the Importance of your birth from Me.

As I leave you, I am never away from you, because My Presence is within you.  Remember, I created human life for a Special Goal.  So be it.”

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