ON FEBRUARY 5, 2001 AT 1:58 PM


“We All speak together with The Creator, because at a time like this, it is important for all men, women and children to more fully understand that the Creation of human life had a Great Plan.

Human life is the closest to Divine Life, and it is important that human beings see this as a Fact, due to the fact that The Creator of All Things, in sending a Portion of Himself to the world, called Him ‘His Son’, so that human beings of all degrees of mentality could relate to the relationship in human life to the Relationship of Divine Life, Divine Hope, Divine Heritage, giving to human life the Importance of human life.

In so many ways, mankind of all degrees of intellect, all backgrounds, all natures, has been given the privilege to understand that there has to be a Divine Being to have created All there is.

Throughout the world it is sad to see so much direction of human wills accepting what is impure, what is demonic, thus abusing the Souls that are the victims of this abuse.

We hear so much being spoken on: ‘How can I have a Soul?  I cannot see It, I cannot feel It,’ but you do, through your intellect, your logic, your sensitivity of right over wrong, truth over untruth, that Something More exists within you, even though It does not appear in the formal, physical way.

Through This Gift of Divine Love that has instructed in so many ways, degrees, on so many subjects pertaining to the behavior of human beings, and the Goal for which human beings are created, logically says to the human mind there has to be a Divine Will, a Divine Means, a Divine Way, that causes all things to be as they are, so It has to be a Form of Creativity unlike what the human mind is capable of.

In the conception of a human life, it takes two individuals, each dependent on the outcome of this personal, intimate communication.  One individual, on his or her own, cannot be the one to create another human being.  Logic must enter the human mind because of so much demonic deception that is continuously being spread, because each human being born is gifted with and becomes the responsible custodian of a Portion of The Father’s Will, called ‘the Soul’.  Children are not being instructed properly.

Today as I speak, I speak with a Love beyond what human love is.  All that has been delivered through This Gift that bears the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph must be spread throughout the world continuously, no matter what rejection occurs.  There are always Souls in need of What has been delivered, because of the necessity of human beings understanding that they are gifted with Divine Love, to perpetuate human life so that millions of Souls can be returned at a given time, to share Heaven for All Time.  So be it.”

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