ON APRIL 12, 2001 AT 1:16 PM


“As I speak to you today, I want you to understand that to walk a path for Me as man, is much more difficult than any human conception can be.  Every Word I speak each time I enter openly, along with All Those Here with Me, the channel of My Love pays a price unseen.

Love is necessary to human life.  It is considered in many areas, because without a sign of love, all things are empty in many ways.

At different times I have given to the world what mankind should call ‘a Victim Soul’, because the Soul of the one that I choose to use, is the Communication that spreads What I Will to show.  Words to human life are easy, conversation is a pleasantry, but to ‘a Victim Soul’, there are many times the Words are weakening physically.

I have given to the world a Communication of My Love, and I have requested so Many Saints to speak openly, instructing those who will read the Words, on the Importance of what the human life is the custodian of.  Being the custodian has responsibility, but so many times, at different times through the History of human life, the responsibility is ignored, and the individual only allows the enemy to be pleased.

Each human being has a Soul, a Portion of Me.  It cannot be seen, but It is felt through the innate sense of an individual knowing if an action is pure or impure, if a thought is pure or impure.  Logic speaks this way.

So much has been given through This Gift of My Divine Love, because I do want all Souls returned to Me Here in the Heavens.

My next Line is difficult for Me because I do not like to say it, but with so many men, women and children, they ignore the word ‘Heaven’, and if you will think about it, the word ‘Hell’ seems to be announced more times.  Heaven is rarely heard regarding something proper, moral, sound, good.

Today, as I speak through one small voice, I want all of mankind to know that human life is a Gift of My Divine Love, because in human life, I have placed a Portion of Me, called ‘the Soul’.

I am Always Present where you are, so please, when you find yourself in a state or a place of impurity, or a condition, remember, through your Soul, I am there.  Call on Me, and when you hear My Answer to what you must do or take part in, do it for the Soul, and do it purely.  So be it.”

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