ON OCTOBER 20, 1971 AT 11:10 AM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am Saint Teresa of Avila, and I truly come through this child to you on this day.  My way was a quick way, a busy way, a full way, a good way.  I walked the earth in the habit of a Carmelite Nun.  I now stand in Heaven with the earthly past gone, but I return always to help children such as you through dilemma, through sorrow, through fear, and yes, I intercede many times, asking God for you.  It is not a burden when you are a Saint.  It is all service of love.  I ask you on this day to let everything you do be an act of love, for as you walk in the earthly way, you will find things easier if you act and feel this way.

There are many, many things occurring around you now.  They are sinful, they are sad, and it is a horror to be seen by Us, Who stand in the Realm where all things are evident to Us.  Men are disguising evil with small bits of good, to attract all of you.  Be wise, My children, and do not allow yourselves to look at only the top.  Sift what is right from what you see, so you will not stray from The Holy Trinity.  As I speak to you here, through this child, with Love, I have given you much to think about, to act upon, and to follow in your human way.

It is true I gathered many women to follow along the way.  It is true that I depended on The Beloved Saint Joseph to lead me in the right way.  His Power and His Strength and His Love were a source of great comfort to me; for I felt that, as a Man, He walked solely with The Holy Trinity; and I knew in my heart, and with what wisdom I did have, that to lean upon this Saint was wise, for He walked the way of self-discipline, obedience and trust, and I knew He would never lead me away from God, Whom I knew one day I must face.  So you, too, must walk in Grace, in hope, in love, in obedience, trust, the Divine Way.

Right now, Here in the Heavens, thousands of Saints await your prayers.  Do not feel you do not receive your request, for always God does give you something when you pray, and He always gives you more than you could think of in the right way.

So as I leave, I bless you with Much Love on this day; first, for your Faith, then for your trust, and then for your coming This Way.  So be it.”

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