ON JULY 17, 2000 AT 12:53 PM


“There are Several of Us standing where you are.  I will list Them for you:  Saint Robert Bellarmine, Saint John of The Cross, Saint Peter Canisius, Saint Edward, Saint Augustine, Saint Patrick, Saint Philomena, Saint Barbara, and Many Others.

A name is identification, allowing all degrees and measures of association to an individual human being.  Human life has various talents, abilities, ideas, ideals, and each human being, through his or her personality, nature, reflects to others many things:  some good, some practical, and sad to say, some difficult to understand because of their nature, and how they reflect in the mind of other men, women and children.

Our Presence here today is difficult on this little one through whom We speak, because of the Power that Our Presence causes to a human mind, way, strength.  Those who decide that This Gift of Divine Love is false, is fake, lose out on what a Great Gift of This Nature, Presence, does to aid in giving Purpose, Hope, to all that a human being has the ability to learn, to achieve.

There are so Many of Us Here, it is difficult for the little one to stand the Power Our Presence causes to her being.  The Soul in each human life is what causes an individual’s presence to be felt, especially when there is total silence in one’s entrance, or association, or thoughts.

Today was different than other days, to allow you to see and to hopefully better understand that human life is different than all other living matter or things; the sensitivities of human life, the ability to absorb knowledge about many facets of human life, many subjects, many degrees of perception regarding important assets, to more fully understand that human life is different than all other living things.

As I release her slowly, she will remember this time, but she will not discuss it, because the Power of so Many Present Here at one time is beyond what the human mind cares to endure.

I will release her slowly.  It is difficult for some to understand what a Victim Soul endures to accomplish The Father’s Plan.  So be it.”

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